What is the difference between "hot chocolate" and "drinking chocolate"?

Hot Chocolate is comprised of first and foremost sugar, the chocolate flavor coming from a very small amount of cocoa powder, then it usually contains artificial flavors such as vanillin. Drinking chocolate is actually chocolate bar shaved down and melted into milk. Our chocolate is comprised of whole cacao bean, raw cane sugar and whole vanilla bean.

What is cacao?

Ka-Cow is the true name of the bean used to make chocolate.

Can you make Mezzo using dairy alternatives?

Yes, Mezzo can be made using Almond, Coconut, or Soy milk.

Can Mezzo be used for cooking?

Yes, Mezzo is real pure chocolate, therefore can be substituted for chocolate in any recipe.

What does single origin mean?

Single origin means that a chocolate is made from one single origin of cacao bean, not a blend. This allows for pure flavor tones to shine in the chocolate, instead rendering a generic flavor, like that found in candy bars.