In Mexico there is a city that is the cultural heart of the country, Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) is a vibrant, colorful urban center where tradition thrives. This rich culture is evident in the cuisine, textiles, ceramics and visual arts that animate the Colonial Spanish architecture. It is in the enduring spirit found in the eyes and beauty of its people that bring life to its markets and streets. Here along the Calle de Mina our story begins, it is here where the tradition of making drinking chocolate straight from the cacao bean still blossoms. This tradition has its roots in the storied culture of the Mayan Dynasties. Drinking chocolate was found at the heart of every celebration, be it religious, political and or sport, and enjoyed daily by kings and scribes alike.

In Oaxaca, on the Calle de Mina the heart of this rich chocolate history can still be found. In it’s shops workers still grind cacao beans, sugar, vanilla with other ingredients such as chiles, cinnamon, and almonds to create world class drinking chocolate for several national chocolate companies.

At Mezzo our passion is pursuing the art of making gourmet, single-origin drinking chocolate direct from beans sourced from around the globe. In America this art has been lost in a sea of cheap artificially flavored cocoa powder based products. These pretenders, commonly sold as hot cocoa and or hot chocolate, often contain as little as 30% cacao solids.

Here at Mezzo our drinking chocolates range from 65% to 75% pure cacao bean, and to the cacao we add organic cane sugar, and vanilla bean straight from pods sourced from jungles found along the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Madagascar. To our Premium Recipes, in keeping with the Mayan culinary traditions, we add herbs, spices, florals and chiles to flavor our single origin drinking chocolates. Imagine losing yourself in a cup of pure Madagascar 65% or Palos Blancos 70%, a bright vibrant blend of Bolivian bean, Mexican vanilla, lemon zest and whole rosemary. We trust that after trying one cup you too will make Mezzo a rich part of your daily traditions. Whether you are sharing an intimate conversation with a friend, celebrating your favorite holiday surrounded by loved ones, or simply spending a quiet moment alone reconnecting to the cosmos, our chocolate will fill these moments with complex rich flavors that will spark fond memories every time you lift your cup. So go ahead and indulge a little in your dark side, we dare you!